Fees & Payouts

**NOTE** Vendors receive money from all sales, minus Wicked Mainer seller fees – instantly. To do this, we use Stripe as a payment processor. With this said, all vendors MUST create or connect a stripe account to Wicked Mainer. This can be done via the Seller dropdown menu>Dashboard>Payments. 

Once a Stripe account is connected, all money made from sales on Wicked Mainer will show up in your Stripe account.

Don’t have a Stripe account? No need to worry! When you click ‘connect Stripe account’ in your seller dashboard>payments section – you will be asked to create a Stripe account or connect an existing one! It’s that easy!

Once a Stripe account is connected, sellers are ready to begin listing products for sale!

Basic seller fees associated with a Wicked Mainer vendor account.

For each sale, Wicked Mainer receives a flat 10% (of the product total only)

For each sale, Stripe charges a payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 (on the entire total of the sale)

Please note: All Wicked Mainer vendors receive the state tax revenue on all goods in which they sell on WickedMainer.com. It is the vendor’s responsibility to file their own taxes on revenue earned on the Wicked Mainer platform.

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