All vendor payouts are completed securely via Paypal Payout.


Wicked Mainer issues payouts to vendors on a daily basis. A vendors withdrawal balance must be at least $5.00 in order for a withdrawal to take place.


All vendors should complete the payment settings via their dashboard, making sure to add the appropriate Paypal email address to ensure you get paid! 


To add your Paypal email address, please navigate to your vendor dashboard and select ‘Store Settings>Billing‘. There you will select ‘Paypal Payout‘ from the drop down menu and enter your Paypal email address. 



Creating a store front on Wicked Mainer is free, as is selling products. Wicked Mainer receives a final value fee of 7.5% + a $0.30 payment processing fee on each sale made. Wicked Mainer does not take final value fees on shipping costs or tax collected.


For example…


If you make a sale totaling $100 (excluding tax and shipping), Wicked Mainer will receive $7.50 + $0.30 from that sale. The remaining balance of $92.20 will be placed into your withdrawal wallet, located in your vendor dashboard.


You can access your vendor dashboard by clicking the my account icon (or button on mobile devices). Click dashboard and once you are in your account dashboard, click the link that reads ‘Access Vendor Dashboard‘. 


If the balance in your vendor withdrawal wallet is over $5.00, that balance will be sent to the registered Paypal email address on file within 24-hours. 


Vendors may request an early/immediate withdrawal, however, a fee of $5 is charged for early withdrawal. 



If you have any issue, questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us via : or click here.