Seller FAQs

Q: How many categories can I list a product in?

A: While Wicked Mainer does not put a limit on the amount of categories you can place a listing in, we do recommend only posting a product in (2) categories. Wicked Mainer does not condone ‘product spamming’. Product spamming is defined as listing your product in more than 5 categories. If we find that a seller is product spamming, a warning will be given. If the product spamming continues, the sellers account will be terminated.

Q: What types of goods are NOT allowed to be sold on Wicked Mainer?

A: The following goods are not allowed to be sold on the Wicked Mainer platform and could potentially result in a banned seller account.

  • Guns & ammo
  • Illegal substances
  • Items portraying sexual content

Q: How do I handle refunds?

A: All refunds are handled by the seller. If a buyer needs a refund, they may request one by contacting the seller via the Wicked Mainer messenger system. At that point, the seller may issue a refund and advise the buyer on how to return their items (if needed).

Q: Can we accept payment outside of Wicked Mainer?

A: While we understand that many sellers sell products outside of Wicked Mainer, we do not condone facilitating sales via the Wicked Mainer platform and receiving payment outside of Wicked Mainer. Facilitating sales on Wicked Mainer and accepting payment outside of Wicked Mainer is strictly prohibited and will result in the termination of said sellers account.

Q: Do sellers need a Stripe account in order to sell products on Wicked Mainer?

A: Yes. Stripe is how you get paid! Sellers are unable to list products for sale until they have connected a Stripe account to Wicked Mainer. If you do not have a Stripe account, you are able to set up one up right on Wicked Mainer. Simply navigate to the dropdown user menu (in the top right of the website) and select Settings>Shop>Payment>Connect Stripe Account. You will then be prompted to either a.) Login and connect an existing Stripe account or b.) fill out the Stripe new account form, submit and connect! It’s that easy!

At that point, you will then be able to start listing products and building your Wicked Mainer storefront! When you sell an item, you will be paid immediately and the funds will be available in your Stripe account. Stripe allows you to connect a bank account, where funds can then be transferred to. Stripe does also offer a debit card. You can request one via your Stripe account.

Q: When do vendors pay their seller fees?

A: The Wicked Mainer seller fee of 10% is deducted immediately from each sale. Sellers will never have a ‘seller fee’ balance.

Q: How do we cancel our account?

A: If you would like to cancel your account, please contact us HERE and we will remove all of your account info from our systems. Although…we would hate to see you go!

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