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What is Stripe? Stripe is one of the largest payment processors in the world. They are similar to Paypal. With a Stripe account, you are able to receive instant payment from your sales directly -into your Stripe account. From there, you are able to send your payments to your bank account. Stripe does offer a debit card option also.

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**For vendors only**

Wicked Mainer uses Stripe as a payment processor for all sales transaction. In addition, Wicked Mainer also uses Stripe to pay all vendors their money earned via sales. Thus, in order to create a Wicked Mainer store and get paid for your sales, you will need to connect a Stripe account to our platform. Stripe is completely free and you are able to connect an existing Stripe account, or create a new one – right from your Vendor Dashboard!

This is how the chain of command works when a purchase is made on Wicked Mainer. 

A buyer pays for a purchase. The money is then sent to Wicked Mainer, Wicked Mainer then pays out the net profit of the sale to the vendor – instantly. This all happens within seconds. The net profit is the amount of the purchase, minus Wicked Mainer’s seller fee of 10% and Stripes standard payment processing fee of 2.9% +$0.30. For more on fees and payments, click here.

To connect your Stripe account to Wicked Mainer:

  • Navigate to the dropdown user menu of the website – located in the top right.
  • Select Settings>Shop
  • Then click the ‘Payment’ tab in your dashboard
  • Click ‘Connect Stripe Account’


If you already have a Stripe account, you may simply enter your Stripe login information and agree to connect that account to Wicked Mainer. That’s it! You’re done and you can now add products to your store and receive payments when they sell!

If you do not have a Stripe account already, you will have to fill out the form seen below. Once completed, simply click ‘Authorize this account to connect’.


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